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A small woman sitting on a bench, partially obscurred by a person walking by, blurred by motion.

Art on Display

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The Hume Gallery is located in the lobby of the Hume Center for Writing and Speaking.  From 2013-2015, the gallery featuring student artwork created as a part of Your Art Here, a program of the Stanford Arts Institute.

If you are part of a student group interested in curating and displaying your two-dimensional art, please email us at

Sample Exhibition

The 2015 exhibit was titled "Impact: The Collision of Expressions."

Impact is a collection of photographs, paintings, and drawings that explore portraiture. Drawing on the Hume Center's goals to explore connections between the various communicative arts, these works combine visual and written expression and invite us to take a closer look and feel a closer connection between the artist and ourselves. Combining art with words, this exhibit displays and celebrates the powerful aspects of these two forms of self-expression. From Cameron Baughn's piercing gaze in Chimney Sweep to the whimsical lighting in Siqi Li's Self Portrait, each portrait is full of life and character that highlight the vibrant spectrum of personalities and artistic talent at Stanford.

Curators: Ari Echt-Wilson and Stephanie Wang

Featured artists: Siqi Li, Michelle Bae, Cameron Baughn, Laura Feigen, Lindsey Txakeeyang, and Allegra McComb

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Self Portrait, Lindsey Txakeeyang