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Appointment-Based Writing Tutor

Arturo Heredia

Ph.D., Stanford University, Modern Thought and Literature
M.A., Northwestern University, Comparative Literature and Theory
B.A., U.C. Berkeley, Rhetoric and Music


Arturo Heredia has taught at Northwestern University and the University of the Pacific. He has offered classes on a wide variety of texts and subjects including American Ethnic Literature, Introduction to Cultural Studies, and Introduction to the Humanities. He is currently teaching a sequence of classes covering the rhetoric of race and ethnicity in America with an emphasis on writing, research, and public speaking skills.

Areas of specialization: literature, ethnic studies, music and social sciences

Genre expertise: lab reports, personal statements, grant applications

Enjoys coaching brainstorming and revision


(650) 723-4621


Sweet 317

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Research Interests

SPECIALIZATION: Ethnic Studies, Narrative and Rhetorical Theory, Cultural Studies, Classical Rhetoric, and American Literature