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Appointment-Based Writing Tutor

Kathleen Tarr


Kathleen Tarr is a former Skadden Fellow (“legal Peace Corps”), University of California, Berkeley and Harvard Law School graduate, Lecturer at Stanford University in the Program in Writing and Rhetoric, and Writing Specialist for Stanford's Public Policy Program. During law school, Kathleen assisted in the authorship of Japan’s first university-level sexual harassment policy, and as a Skadden Fellow, she developed some of the U.S.’s first public interest outreach programs to disabled female military veterans. Kathleen has authored several publications including "Above and Beyond: Veterans Disabled by Military Service" (1997) which was cited by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, Theatre Bay Area's "White Paper on Achieving a Safe and Inclusive Bay Area Theatre-Making Environment" (2018), and law review article "Bias and the Business of Show: Employment Discrimination in the 'Entertainment' Industry" which was touted by filmmaker, screenwriter, and activist Maria Giese as the most important document published on the issue of discriminatory hiring practices in Hollywood in 2016.

"Bias and the Business of Show" evolved from Kathleen’s General Session presentation with special guests Amy Pietz and Edward James Olmos at the 2015 State Bar of California Annual Meeting and is companion to her annual Symposium on Equity in the Entertainment Industry and Awards at Stanford University. These "Getting Played" symposia are named after Kathleen's documentary on (un)equal employment opportunities in the entertainment industry which received Honorable Mention in the 2010 International Black Women's Film Festival. Kathleen has produced two other films that were official selections in film festivals: her short animation "I Have All The Feelings" (2014 International Black Women's Film Festival) and her short sci-fi film "Early Aliens" (2015 ASTRONOMMO: Speculative Fiction on Film + Black Women).

Overlapping these myriad careers, Kathleen’s acting credits encompass stage, film, commercials, television, and video games including "House M.D.", Sundance award winner "Dopamine", and "Sim City". She is also a Women’s American Football League draftee and 42 time indoor rowing world record holder.

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Public Policy Writing Specialist

Areas of specialization: law, media advocacy, performing arts, genetics, math

Genre expertise: legal writing, grant applications, personal statements, cover letters, creative non-fiction, press releases

Enjoys coaching brainstorming, time management, revision strategies

WS Consultation hours:

  • Tuesdays & Thursdays 10:00am-noon at Landau 127


(650) 723-3802


Sweet 319

Chron Vitae

Office Hours

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 8:00am-9:00am PACIFIC

Research Interests

SPECIALIZATION: Jurisprudence; Limits of Human Intelligence; Strategic Planning in International Relations and Governments; Global Economy; and Equal Employment Opportunity in the Entertainment Industry