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Overview of Writing Resources

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Resources for Your Students at the Hume Center

The Hume Center offers your students many services, including one-to-one tutoring for any writing task and at any stage of the writing process (from brainstorming to final editing) and tailored workshops on specific aspects of writing suitable for your course.

Individual Writing Consultations

The Hume Center is staffed by expert writers and experienced, trained tutors. Undergraduate and graduate students can sign up for up to 100 minutes of tutoring per week, scheduled in blocks of 50 minutes. These sessions might include work on such topics as argument focus and organization, source integration, transitions, and style. For further information, see our Tutoring page, and our FAQ for Instructors.

Student Writing Tutors

Student writing tutors are undergraduates or graduate students who have been trained to help students at any stage of the writing process and can work with any piece of writing, from a Thinking Matters, PWR, or Writing in the Major essay to a grant proposal or cover letter. Please view our  See a Drop-in Tutor page for further information.

Writing and Digital Media Workshops for your Classes

We regularly offer several different workshops and programs open to students, but are happy to provide custom workshops for your class. To request a workshop or for further assistance, please email us, noting the following:

  • In the request, please specify the day(s) and time(s) you'd like us to work with your students and the focus of the workshop.
  • We tailor the workshop to meet the specific needs of your class so please contact us to discuss details.
  • Workshops are typically 50 minutes long; we can also offer a condensed 20-30 minute session on some specific aspect of writing.