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Writing Resources

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Handouts and Online Resources

We are building this resource page. Check back for more resources -- we'll be adding more each quarter.

Research and Library Resources

Learn how to use Stanford's many libraries and archives to support your research, writing, and speaking. Explore primary sources and guides on how to use them. Make the most of your time here with the peerless resources available through Stanford Libraries.

Documentation and Citation Resources for Writers and Speakers

Learn about style guides, bibliographies, and tools to manage your bibliographies with ease.

Grammar Resources 

Review these resources to avoid common mistakes and make proper rhetorical choices.

Writing a Research Proposal

Undergraduate Advising and Research features a helpful video as well as several detailed handouts on writing a project proposal for funding across several different fields. Coupled with many actual sample proposals with real review comments, this page is a valuable tool in your proposal-writing process.

Welcome, Writing, and Speaking Videos for Frosh and Transfers

Our staff and tutors welcome new students and break down important topics like flow, speaking up, and more!


Writing a Literature Review

This handout describes some of the key principles and components for writing a literature review, suitable for any field.

Understanding Qualitative Methodology

A short and useful handout addressing elements to consider when conducting a research project using interviews or other qualitative methods.

Writing Apprehension: What is it? How can it be addressed?

Many of the best writers feel it. This short, research-based handout describes the causes and solutions to this pesky problem.

Writing Productivity Tools

A selection of websites and browser extensions all meant to help you get your words on the page. Many are also useful for general productivity. Have a tool that you love but don't see on the list? Email us and we'll make sure others hear about it, too!


Didn't find all the help you needed here? No problem! Come talk with our experts and we'll set you on the right path. See a tutor