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About Oral Communication Support

The Oral Communication Program provides opportunities for undergraduates, graduate students, and instructors to improve their presentation and communication skills.


Tom Freeland lecturing CTL 115/215, Voice Workshop

In these courses in Oral Communication, students refine their public speaking skills and enhance their general facility and confidence in oral expression


OCT Teresa Nguyen conducts a speaking skills workshop

We work directly with departments and campus organizations to offer specialized workshops. We also conduct regular workshops including T.E.A. and Vocal Yoga.

See a Tutor

OCT Tessa Smith welcomes students to the center while seated on a large couch.

Meet with an Oral Communication Tutor (OCT) to: brainstorm, rehearse your presentation, videotape your speech, design effective visual aids, reduce speech anxiety, or practice your job interview

Become a Tutor

A tutor helps a student, motioning toward her computer screen.

Oral Communication Tutor applications for the 2023-2024 academic year are currently closed but please check back in Winter 2023 for 2024-25 academic year applications.