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Cancel Your Appointment

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Cancellations for tutoring appointments must be done online via TutorTrac no later than 11:59 p.m. the night before the appointment. This guide shows you how.

How to Cancel Your Appointment on TutorTrac

  1. Navigate to our scheduling system, TutorTrac ( You will need to WebAuth in with your SUNetID.
    The new view of the TutorTrac main menu when you have an upcoming appointment. New left column "Upcoming Appointments" lists them
  2. The main menu should display two columns, with the left listing your upcoming appointments. Find which appointment you wish to cancel.
  3. A closeup showing the small "X" at the end of each listed appointment that must be pressed to cancel the appointment.
    Click the small "X" at the end of the appointment listing to bring up the cancellation prompt.
  4. Fill out your reason for cancellation, double-check that this is the appointment you wish to cancel, then click "Confirm Cancellation"
    The cancel appointment view, with an area to type your reason for cancellation, with two buttons "Keep appointment" or "Confirm cancellation," the latter pointed to by a red arrow

Day-of Cancellations

If you miss the cancellation deadline please make every effort to attend the appointment and avoid a missed appointment. Email as soon as possible if you absolutely cannot attend your session the day-of.

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